Toonly Review – Best Explainer Video Creation Software?

Human beings are incredibly visual. They tend to capture information better when moving images are involved. Explainer videos help to contextualize the world, giving the viewer an easier understanding in the shortest time possible. The secret behind the success of explainer videos is brain science. Do you know why animated cartoons work so well for marketing? They combine both visual and audio stimuli to explain concepts most thoroughly. Rather than just giving text, they use both media, thereby increasing message retention of the audience.

Did you know that over 50% of consumers claim that product videos help them make purchasing decisions faster? It means prospects would rather watch videos before reading a product description text on a web page. Video marketing has become a major trend because it creates more user engagement than written content. If you are a business owner or content creator, you should take advantage of online video creation tools like Toonly to produce engaging videos. Here, we shall do a comprehensive Toonly review to help you see sense in this drag and drop video creator.

What is Toonly?
It is an app for creating animated cartoons or explainer-style videos. If you are looking to design sharable and high-converting animated videos for social media, Toonly comes highly recommended. Unlike whiteboard animation creators, Toonly is predominantly designed for animations. Therefore, you can use it to devise animations of completing tasks, doing things, or people walking around. It offers more features than whiteboard animation software. The resulting cartoons are much better and easier to make.

Toonly allows you to make simple instructional videos. These may differ from marketing videos to how-to illustrations. Thanks to an easy user interface, anyone can use Toonly to make animated cartoon videos. You don’t need coding language or technical design skills to use the software.

• Tutorials to help you start video creation immediately
• Compatible with Mac and PC
• Animates characters with arrow keys or computer mouse
• Custom-drawn images and characters by graphic designers- not found elsewhere on the internet
• 100+ royalty-free music tracks and audios
• Can be installed on as many computers as possible without purchasing a license
• Allows voiceover audios to sync into the video at a click
• Makes it easy to save, export, and upload files in different formats on websites and social media platforms
• A 30-day refund policy

How to Use Toonly
The best part is that Toonly is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need prior knowledge of real animation to start using it. First, select a scene or background of your liking. Choose one that contains the vast majority of the bones. Then you can customize along the way. Drag and drop images, people, and attach dialogues/audios and motions to create your video. You may record voiceovers to add to the content as well. Play around with the content according to your preferences. With everything in place, approve the video, save it, and export to the right destination.

Note that there are pre-set scenes with animations already for various uses. For instance, you can choose a specific animation to advertise products to people. You can add unique objects from your collection, but there’s n way to add custom animations even if you are a coding expert. So you can only use the animations offered by your specific plan. If you select Toonly images, they come with their animations and actions. However, your images will be limited to static imagery. If possible, pick a particular animation and an appropriate sound to go with it. Suppose you want to add a clapping sound to signify a win. Then you will need to watch the video and make a pause at the point where the applause happens to add it to your audio.

Grow your business with Toonly videos whether you are into sales, human resource and onboarding, e-commerce advertising, blogging, crowdfunding, or corporate training.

Benefits of Using Toonly
Without coding expertise, it may not be easy to design explainer videos. But Toonly is here to make your work easier. No need to hire a software developer that often charge high fees to create videos. It is expensive and risky to hire someone to design your videos, yet you are not sure if they will boost your business. Besides, you might go through hiccups before you get a perfect animation. On the flip side, using a freelance developer doesn’t give you unlimited revisions for free. You pay them every time you hire their services.

Toonly makes your marketing efforts a breeze. You make videos and customize them to your liking and revise as desired. You can always go back to redesign everything from the ground up. So you are in control of all aspects of the animation process. But when your work is in the hands of a developer, you may not know what to do with the animation, and the results could be disappointing. Toonly gives you a chance to experiment with different themes at no exorbitant fees.

So you have a product and want to tell the key benefits? you need a cost-effective tool for marketing with good returns on investment. Here are more reasons Toonly is a worthwhile investment for your business:

• To boost rankings on search engines
• Flexibility on any kind of screen by adjusting the sizes
• Improved ROI at a smaller cost
• An increased conversion rate on landing pages
• Increased brand awareness/identity with personalized stories

The application is installed directly on a computer upon purchase. It would be best to have reliable internet connectivity since the available images are pulled from the web. You can also pull your pictures that you have saved in the cloud.

What Is the Cost?
The standard version of Toonly costs $39 per month, and this is what you get:
• 79 backgrounds
• 30 characters
• 10 pre-made scenes
• 716 prop images
• 20 background audios
• 17 character animations
• 3 text animations
• 21 scene transitions
• 25 facial expressions

The second plan is the Enterprise that goes for $69 per month. It offers:
• 147 backgrounds
• 68 characters
• 20 pre-made scenes
• 1,783 prop images
• 142 background audios
• 30 character animations
• 5 text animations
• 101 scene transitions
• 360 facial expressions
• Toonly Club with new props and characters per month

When you subscribe to either plan, you get an invitation to the Toonly community Facebook group. Remember that each package allows you to create unlimited videos on multiple computers. Premium support is available in both plans. Toonly membership comes with an ongoing monthly subscription or a highly subsidized annual payment. Regardless of the plan, you will enjoy new releases to continue developing your Toonly for better explainer videos. While there is no free trial, you have the option to use it for 30 days to see if it meets your needs. If not, you can use the 30-day money-back policy to get a refund.

The Upside
• Simple pricing plans
• Incredibly easy to use
• A plethora of images and audios
• Regular software updated=s

The Downside
• No free trial

What are Users Saying About Toonly?
Most users who have used Toonly software are familiar with other explainer video creators. What sets it apart from similar software applications is the ability to create multiple boards. It means you can share the same whiteboard with your team. Each board has a unique design making it easy to add templates and change appearances. Thanks to its short learning curve, the majority of users have given it a 5-star rating. They say it is great for professional presentations, including business projects that have to be explained to groups of people.

Most first-timers prefer the standard version to upload their graphics and draw paths themselves from the online reviews. They love the countless possibilities, e.g., uploading of backgrounds and fonts. Another impressive thing that has been highlighted by customers is the responsive customer support by the Toonly team.

Final Thoughts
We live in an era of video-sharing and visual content. If you are looking for a way to put your message across, Toonly is the best way to go. Increase the visibility of your website content to gain a competitive advantage. Expect a lot from this intuitive and straightforward application with tons of customizations, animations, and backgrounds. Make it your all-in-one marketing tool to build sales funnels and landing pages.

Overall, we think that this animated video creation software is worth every penny if you are serious about drawing animated cartoons. After using the software for a while, we realized that it is one of the prime applications for creating cartoon videos today. We highly recommend it to anyone running a business online. It is an easy yet effective tool to display products and presentations.

One of the reasons it is very popular among beginners is thanks to an easy setup and configuration. It is not complicated software, and you can always use the free demo. Choose colors for the board from white, red, green, grey, purple, yellow, etc. Also, pick from various themes ranging from granite, chrome, silver, marble, glass, and so on. Make your presentation more professional with a business logo. Whether you are organizing a workplace or starting a new project, you will find Toonly useful for high-quality animated videos.

With a massive library of characters, objects, and audios, we give Toonly a 5/5 star rating. Sign up today to create your explainer videos for sales and business presentations.

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