Power Efficiency Guide Review – Scam or Legit?

It seems as if nobody bothers about the escalating power bills, which seem to rise every few months. Add to this the mayhem caused by the COVID19 pandemic, in which tens of thousands of people have lost their work. The remainder of the working population has had their pay scales slashed by nearly 50%. However, the power companies do not bother about this dilemma and keep on increasing their tariffs. Generators are not feasible as the cost of fuel to run them throughout the year would cost more than the bills paid to electricity supply companies. There are alternate sources of power too, but the cost of setting them up and maintaining them too costs a lot. Does this mean that the common people will have to suffer quietly and pay inflated power bills? No! The good news is that you can generate power through a unique method discovered by Mark Edwards. We shall focus on it in this Power Efficiency Guide review. You can save hundreds of Dollars on electricity bills with the help of the techniques mentioned in the guide. You no longer have to cringe at the sight of a power bill in the future.

What is this guide all about?
It is an Ebook that helps you to stop depending on the power supply company and educates you on how to generate your power. After going through this guide you will no longer worry about what to do in case of a power blackout. This comprehensive guide covers all the steps you need to avail of a sustainable, safer, and cleaner power alternative, which you can set up on your own. The affordability of this guide means you need not spend thousands of Dollars to purchase solar panels or any other type of alternative energy. This unique guide will give you total control of the amount of power you consume as well as help keep your family safe, and, most importantly, reduce your energy bills. The guide contains a blueprint and detailed analysis on how to make your power plant. It will make sure that you are safe in case of storms, power outages, and outrageous power bills from the power generating companies. Available for a meagre price, this guide by Mark Edwards contains complete details of the processes required to build your power plant. The guide includes pictures of the products you require so that you do not jeopardize the success of your power plant by purchasing the wrong parts.

How does the system work?
This guide focuses on the spinning principle to generate power. It is so simple that even a common person like you can start building your power plant in a short period. The system is extremely cheap to build and uses techniques that have been in use for ages. You will be surprised to know that even the automobile industries make use of this method. Most of us think about hydro energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, and biomass energy, etc. when thinking of an alternative source of energy. Although they can generate electricity, the procedure of setting them up requires immense technical knowledge and lots of money. Most of us forget the humble magnet, which too can be used to generate electricity by creating a magnetic field. This guide provides a plan through which you can build a generator that runs on the magnet. You must have seen mini generators before, like the one used for providing power to light the lamps of your bicycles. Then there are the big domestic generators that run on gas or diesel. They too use magnets to generate electricity. The generator shown in this guide follows a principle, which is derived from Tesla’s principle.

Additional details
The guide contains a blueprint for building a generator wherein diodes generate a magnetic field with the help of a control board. Following this step, the magnetic field is transferred into magnets in a rotor. The rotor engages an alternator that generates electricity. You can use this device as a portable generator or even as a power generator, or even use it to charge batteries. The generator is made out of small circuits and is light in weight. Since it does not generate any noise or smoke, it is perfect for a healthier future for your kids. The device is light in weight, makes no noise, and requires a small sum to build, making it the perfect replacement for an alternative energy source known. This power generator, unlike coal or fuel generators, does not emit harmful gases as well as does not contribute to global warming.

Detailed information allows for easy setup
The guide contains all the information needed to set up the generator. Since everything is laid out for you, there is no guesswork involved. You will find lots of photos, diagrams, and instructions laid out in a step-by-step manner. It also includes free bonuses (we shall discuss that later). You will also find a list of essential materials and tools and where to purchase them from at the lowest prices, to ensure you build the generator successfully. The best part is that the author has taken time to explain each step in detail so that even those who have no idea about hardware and magnets can easily build this magical generator. The method used is the same as used on modern generation electric cars but on a smaller scale. Electricity powered vehicle make use of the spinning principle in which a small amount of electricity is multiplied several times. For the uninitiated, electric cars can recharge even when there is no acceleration. DIY enthusiasts can easily set up this generator in less than three hours. Apart from a .PDF document, the author has also included tutorial videos wherein he demonstrates how to configure this electric generator sans any professional help. If you have any doubt about the quality of the program, you can raise a money-back request. This guide comes with a 60 days guarantee. Simply send a money-back request to the email provided in the members’ area, and the author will refund the money within 24 hours. However, I have doubts about whether you will ever raise this request, as this is one of the best power generation systems I have seen in the past few years. It helps you to break your dependence on the power supply corporations and is a boon for people living in fringe areas where power outages are common.

How does the system work?
The mini circuits and the other parts apart, the generator depends mainly on a motor and a magnet. By spinning continuously, the motor multiplies tiny amounts of energy to build bigger amounts of power that can power your home. As mentioned above, the system uses the same method used in electric cars. The energy recharges itself by going in circles. You will be amazed at how nobody has yet thought of inventing such a simple system of generating power. The power companies should take a lesson from this guide to generate electricity, although the scale of the project will be much bigger. Those who wonder how electric cars move can create something similar after going through this course. The author has been generous enough to include several bonuses. Those who are wondering about the cost of the Power Efficiency Guide will be pleased to know that the author is offering it at a ridiculously low price of $49. The included bonuses are:

The Meyer Magnet Motor: It consists of a 16-page blueprint that includes step-by-step instructions about building a working magnet motor. You can use the information in this guide to generate power with the help of a magnet. It also contains a complete list of items you need to build the motor.
• Reduce energy waste: You need this book if your electricity bills are driving you crazy. It contains details of how to practice the efficiency of energy as well as how to save money by reducing the amount of electricity spent. Most of us have the bad habit of turning on the air conditioner hours before we enter the room. Others switch on lamps and forget to switch them off when leaving the room. These are just a few examples of how you can reduce energy waste.
• History of Electric Lighting: This 200 pages guide covers all the technicalities about electricity lighting.
• Power from Smith Generator: Learn about unknown practical options in this 36-page guide for building alternative power systems, which will help you leverage on other sources to power your home.

The other bonuses include:
• Money saving tips for family
• 15 top ways to save money
• Go green, save green at the same time
• Saving power — saving the world
• How to be environmentally friendly

About the author
Mark Edwards, a 56-year old geography teacher in Memphis, Tennessee is the author of this program. He was devastated by the long and severe power outage that took place due to the flooding of the Mississippi River. He was so frustrated that he decided to discover an alternative source of energy to power his home. He, along with Jason Newman conducted extensive research to design and create a maintainable and reliable power source, which helped him to overcome electricity-related problems, as well as slash his energy bills.

“I never believed that I could cut down on my electricity bills by a hefty amount. This guide proved me wrong.” Cynthia Smith

“I was fed up with the ever-escalating power bills. Thanks to Edwards’ guide, I can now afford to consume as much power as I want without denting my wallet.” Richard Meyers

“Having completed the project by following the instructions given in the guide, I am on my way to save power and have a constant and reliable supply of electricity.” Justin Edwards

I have used this course and have saved a lot of money over the past few months in the form of deescalating power bills. I strongly suggest that you too sign up for this course, as it is the best way to reduce the cost of your home energy bill. At $49, it is the cheapest plan available. The bonuses are the icing on the proverbial cake.

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