Nomad Power System Review – Scam or Legit?

The Nomad Power System is an exclusive guide that will teach you how to build a home power plant. Emergencies can strike at any time, and they often arise when you are least prepared for them. In the modern world, every appliance and device you use depends on electricity. On a daily basis, you need to charge your phone from the electric power supply. Over the winter, when the days are shorter, you need more electric lighting in your home. In addition, many people cook their meals in electric ovens.

It is all too easy to take these modern conveniences for granted. If there is a power outage in your area though, the situation becomes challenging all of a sudden. Some households have backup energy sources, such as generators and solar panels. Nonetheless, generators do not come cheap and require petrol to function. Moreover, solar panels might not be ideal if you live somewhere that gets little sunlight. It costs a lot of money to install solar panels as well.

The Nomad Power System helps people to survive difficult circumstances brought about by power shortages. When times get tough, this ground breaking invention serves as a substitute power supply, and helps you to lower your energy bills. Suffice to say, everyone can benefit from a reliable electricity source. The following Nomad Power System review will take an indepth look at this program.

What the Course Includes

This product is delivered electronically in PDF format. You can view it on any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Here’s what you get:

-A well written manual that covers all the relevant information about this backup energy supply. Pictures and diagrams are used where necessary, so you are left in no doubt about what to do.

-A list of all the materials needed to construct the electricity converter. The materials are widely available from hardware shops and do not cost much. You might find them priced even lower in junkyards and garage sales.

-Comprehensive instructions detailing how to connect and assemble the system. These instructions are explained in logical steps, so you can follow them easily. No specific skills are required to complete the steps. Even if you have no background in science or engineering, you can construct the power plant in a short space of time.

-Design blueprints for the system, so you can place the components in the correct position and in the right order. No stone is left unturned and the manual is the next best thing to personal tuition.

Features of the Course

This power plant uses the rotational conversion principle. The creator realized that this method produces lots of electricity that can power a household effectively. This concept is tried and tested, because it is used to operate modern vehicles. Another benefit of building a power plant based on rotational conversion is that it will remain quiet while in use. The same can not be said of many traditional generators. Better still, it will not emit damaging gases that could harm your health and the environment.

Electricity firms are familiar with rotational conversion, however they rarely talk about it for obvious reasons. They want their customers to depend on them for energy, so they can make money by raising their tariffs every few months on dubious grounds. Many homeowners try to reduce their energy bills, by putting the heating on less, turning the lights off whenever possible, using fewer electrical devices and installing smart appliances, etc. Notwithstanding, these strategies often have little success and result in a less comfortable living environment. People who encounter this problem can benefit from this course significantly.

The Nomad Power System electricity converter delivers triple the amount of power of a conventional generator — due to the way its components are made and assembled. The device can power large and small appliances in your home. And the fact that you are using a backup power supply does not alter the manner in which you interact with your appliances. Furthermore, if you need additional power, the system engine can be scaled up for this purpose to the desired level.

In addition to the above features, the program gives you access to bonus equipment and learning materials, for no extra charge. These bonuses are a valuable inclusion and are definitely worth your attention. There are guides that teach you how to make your own batteries and build an electric alternator. Instructions are provided on how to update your property, so you can save more energy throughout the year. Also, you receive an emergency flashlight that has a 10,000 mAh capacity.

About the Course Creator

This program was created by a man called Hank Tharp, a fifty-three year old personnel coordinator from Ohio. In 2003, Ohio was hit by a huge grid failure, which left Tharp and his family without Internet, water or refrigeration. Kerry, his wife, was expecting their second child and was a couple of days overdue. Thankfully, with the assistance of a stranger, Hank was able to get his wife to the hospital and their baby boy was delivered later that day — in good health. Notwithstanding, Hank was deeply affected by the experience and vowed never to feel that helpless again. He made it his mission to research every alternative electricity source, but could not find a viable solution at first. Eventually, after months of frustration, he enlisted the help of his friend Keith, who is an advocate of renewable energy and a mechanical engineer. Together, they designed a power plant that anyone can build for themselves.

What People are Saying

Feedback about this program online is largely positive among customers and reviewers. Currently, the course has a 4.29 out of five star rating on Goodreads, based on twenty-four ratings – which is pretty impressive. Many customers praise the detailed nature of the product, and say that it has given them the skills to generate their own energy to survive a power outage. Others say that they intend to use the guide to reduce their electricity bills. Most people agree that the instructions are clear and that the theory makes sense, because it is backed by thorough research. Several people have expressed their delight and amazement at how much money this course has helped them to save.

The Price

The course, and all the bonuses that come with it, is available for just $49. Given the nature of this product, that is an extremely competitive price. In reality, the program is worth at least three times that amount. If you want to lower your electricity bills and have a backup plan for when the power fails, you just have to pay this one off fee. Better still, if you buy the product and it does not live up to your expectations, there is a sixty day, no quibble refund guarantee.


-The digital format of the course allows you to access it from any location, at your convenience
-Clearly written and easy to understand – no specialist skills or advanced knowledge is required -The whole project can be set up and ready to use within hours
-Reduced energy consumption – you can expect your electricity bills to decrease by up to sixty percent
-Affordable, especially when you take into account the cost of the materials needed for construction
-Suitable for use all year round – anyplace, anytime
-Easy and cheap to maintain – the cash you save from the low maintenance expenses, and from your lower energy bills, can be used for other purposes
-Competitively priced, so anyone can take advantage of the information
-A sixty day refund guarantee is offered


-Video tutorials are not provided with this course, which might be a drawback for customers who prefer to watch rather than read
-Because the course is only available online, you can not access it without an Internet connection

Final Thoughts

The Nomad Power System solves the problem of excessive energy bills. Also, it will make you feel more empowered, because you can safeguard your family without depending on electricity firms. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters or power outages, you should give this product serious consideration. Likewise, if the normal electricity supply in your area is unreliable, and you work from home on a computer regularly, this program will help you to maintain an uninterrupted workflow.

Of course, to get everything set up correctly, you have to read the manual carefully and follow the instructions to the letter. This does require some concerted effort on your part, because it is important not to cut any corners. The effort is worthwhile though, because – after you have built and installed the device – your energy use will decrease dramatically. Furthermore, you will be able to use your appliances freely, without worrying about how much money it is costing you. With the refund guarantee offered, there is really nothing to lose by giving this product a try. For this reason, it comes highly recommended with a 5/5 star rating.

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