His Secret Obsession Review – Scam or Legit?

There are many relationship guides on the market, however one that has been generating a lot of buzz lately is His Secret Obsession. The author is James Bauer, who is a famous relationship guru. The guide teaches women how to make men obsess over them. It uses proven psychological techniques to boost a man’s sexual appetite and emotional fulfillment, thereby strengthening his attraction towards his partner.

The guide shines a spotlight on problems that have probably affected your relationship. These include why men struggle with commitment, and why they become disinterested in women after showing a lot of affection initially. The author explores these issues, among others, via a series of fourteen ‘attraction secrets’. This information is designed to facilitate communication between couples during courtship. The following His Secret Obsession review covers everything you need to know about this program:

Features of the Course

A central theme in this guide is that women and men communicate differently. Once they understand these differences, women can adapt their communication style to elicit a more favorable response from their partners. The author refers to this information as ‘secrets’, however there is nothing underhand about it. It is more a case of being tactful. The information includes certain phrases, words and body language techniques designed to build rapport and foster loyalty. Armed with this knowledge, women can make themselves more attractive to their partners and break down emotional barriers.

When you buy this guide, you receive access to it as an audiobook and in PDF format. This means that you can listen to it while on the move, or read it on your laptop/tablet at a convenient time. The main course is divided into a couple of parts. Each part covers a certain aspect of male psychology. The advice given is as simple as possible, so that readers will have no problem putting the strategies to use.

In the first section of the guide, the author discusses the concept of the ‘hero instinct’. He regards this as the main method to attract men and make them want to commit. He hails this as a breakthrough in evolutionary psychology. You are taught how to tap into a man’s hero instinct, why it is ingrained in the psyche of most men, and how it can be used to encourage men to prioritize your feelings.

In the second section of the guide, the author explains precisely what you must do to activate your partner’s hero instinct. Undoubtedly, these methods are the ‘meat’ of the product, because they include a clear plan to apply the ideas detailed at the beginning of the guide. The author claims that these techniques work in every stage of a relationship. He defines these stages as the ‘Attraction Stage’, the ‘Dating but Falling Apart Stage’, the ‘Respark Stage’ and the ‘Ex Back Stage’.

Advice is offered on how to attract men initially, and what to do when a man pulls away from you early on. Also, you will find out why men often lose interest in relationships and how to reignite his passion, so he craves for you once more. If you have an ex partner who you want to get back, you will learn how to recreate the excitement of a first date, when you meet up with him again.

One intriguing part of the guide is when you are introduced to Rachel. She is mentioned at the start of the guide. Rachel was a client of the author, who struggled with her relationship. She deliberately held back, so as not to appear clingy, however her man did not call her or text her. Many women have encountered this issue. She contacted the author, who was her relationship counsellor, and he provided her with a twelve word text message to send to her partner. Suffice to say, her partner responded straightaway. Although the author was happy with the result, he wanted to help more than one person. He realized that his advice could benefit other women, who were dealing with similar things. That was when he vowed to produce His Secret Obsession. The twelve word message that activated the hero instinct of Rachel’s boyfriend is revealed in the guide.

To make the most of the guide, you must study what the author teaches and use his methods on your partner. You should not expect it to provide an instant solution. You will not suddenly have a great relationship after reading a couple of pages. Nonetheless, if you are prepared to put in some work, there’s an excellent chance that the guide will change your life.

Benefits of the Course

His Secret Obsession is the dating guide to end all dating guides. With more than 200 pages of priceless information and a selection of bonuses, you get everything required to improve your relationship. You will learn the best way to approach dating and a lot of things about yourself.

Only practical advice is offered. There are no pipe dreams. Throughout the guide, the author clearly explains the different ways that women can activate the hero instinct in men. You will be taught the precise texts, phrases and small requests to make. Don’t forget that the author has helped many women over the last twelve years, so his methods are not based on abstract theory — they work in the real world.

All the techniques described are supported by evidence gained from psychological research. For example, when the author talks about why men want to feel like protectors, or why they get turned on when women ‘claim’ them, there is data to back this up. While there might be some techniques that you think will not work for you, the logic behind them is always faultless.

About the Creator

As already stated, James Bauer is an author and qualified psychologist who found fame by providing helpful relationship tips. For many years, he researched the behavior of men and how they react to relationship problems. He combined the data of different studies to gain valuable insights. In addition, he wrote another book called ‘What Men Secretly Want’ recently, which was extremely popular.

Through his work as a psychologist, Bauer got to see first hand what men think about and what their obsessions are. Furthermore, he discovered that issues surrounding commitment are a key factor in many relationships, both present and past. He thoroughly researched relationship problems and the actions that appeared to resolve them. There’s no doubt that understanding what your boyfriend craves will enhance the health of your relationship.

In the guide His Secret Obsession, Bauer explains a carefully designed plan that — by all accounts — can save relationships. He combines practical experience with comprehensive human behavioral studies. Many people have chosen to buy the guide because of the author’s expert status. It has certainly worked well in a number of cases.

Pricing Options

This guide costs $47, which is not a bargain basement price. Nonetheless, you will struggle to find a dating guide as thorough as this one. As well as the 200 plus pages of advice, you get a workbook and several bonus items, so you will not feel like you have been shortchanged. Also, there is a sixty day refund guarantee, so if the guide is not to your liking you can get your cash back. Overall, the price is reasonable and represents great value to women who want to hone their relationship skills.

What Others are Saying

Currently, this guide has a 3.9 out of five star rating on Goodreads, based on forty-two ratings, which is highly respectable. Most customers say that they enjoyed reading the guide, and that it helped to restore their broken relationships. Other customers say that the guide gave them the knowledge to keep hold of their partners, and that they recommend it to anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship. Many online reviewers praise the guide because it references evolutionary psychology to explain why men behave in certain ways.

Final Thoughts

Women who want a loving, long term relationship will benefit considerably from His Secret Obsession. Going through a series of failed relationships is an exasperating experience. The strategies in this guide will give you confidence and prepare you to enter the dating scene. Rather than fretting about mistakes and waiting for your partner to call you, use this guide to gain the upper hand.

Although $47 is a higher price than some dating guides, there are none that are as insightful or detailed as this one. With this product, you receive methods developed from psychological data, and the advice of a relationship guru with over a decade of experience. You will learn much about the human condition and the things that men desire subconsciously. This knowledge will be invaluable, if your relationship has run into problems or your man is reluctant to commit. In many ways, His Secret Obsession is like having an ace up your sleeve in the game of love. For this reason, this guide comes warmly recommended with a 5/5 star rating.

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