EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Review – Scam or Legit?

There is a high chance you are using battery-powered devices, equipment, and automotive. Lead cell and wet cell batteries come with a lead plate and sulfuric acid that react to produce an electric current. With time, corrosion happens and this causes a reduction in voltage and low performance. It is easier to think that the reduced voltage means an expired battery. As such, people often resort to buying a new one and throwing away the old one. But after reading this EZ battery reconditioning review, you will realize that you can save the replacement cost by working on that old battery. Read this guide to the end to determine whether Tom Ericson’s program is worth a try.

About the Creators
Tom Ericson was a former employee of a golf cart company. While working, he met Frank Thompson who used to visit the workplace to collect old batteries. Out of curiosity, Ericson wanted to know what Thomson was doing with the old batteries. And that is when he learned that the golf cart batteries were being reconditioned and sold for good money. Tom Ericson developed an interest in refurbishing old batteries and he partnered with Frank Thompson to create the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program. It is an online course that has helped many to benefit from the same knowledge.

Here, we give the unbiased EZ battery reconditioning review to help you make an informed decision.

What’s in the eBook?
• Methods of battery reconditioning explained using pictures, graphs, pros, and cons
• Tools needed
• Safety measures for a smooth procedure
• Important information on possible outcomes and what happens inside batteries
• Multiple procedures like chemical additives and equalization with the use of high-frequency devices for reversing sulfur residue

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course Features
This is a detailed program by Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson on how to revive old batteries. The information is sold as an eBook with 21 chapters and you cannot find it in offline stores. In the course, Tom has laid out different ways to replenish 10 kinds of batteries from cars, golf carts, to medical equipment batteries, among others. Expect in-depth step-by-step procedures you can implement using common tools such as multimeters to replenish depleted batteries. The instructions are neatly organized with each detail included for easy grasp.

To remove a diminished battery from a car or device, you need to know how to protect yourself from acid burns. This is also covered in the program as well. Moreover, there are guidelines for disconnecting the battery from the source of power to prevent any chance of electrocution.

A lot of people keep asking, “Is this course for the technically knowledgeable people?” The simple answer is NO. Tom Ericson claims that anyone can use it whether they have hi-tech skills on batteries or not. Being a time-effective program, it only takes 10-20 minutes to revive a dead battery. He continues to say that the guide is not limited to professionals but to anyone who would otherwise be charged hundreds of dollars to get a new battery. The course is so straightforward that it makes working on electronics an exciting learning experience.

The essential tools for reviving an old battery are things you normally keep in your home kitchen and garage. This means you can access the knowledge and implement it from the comfort of your home. The whole guide is devised to take the user through every function and test that is necessary to re-energize a diminished battery.

Still in the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program, unique techniques and tips on batteries have been laid out. For instance, it teaches the ten types of batteries. Even if you don’t have the technical know-how, you can tell what battery is at hand. Furthermore, you will learn how to use such tools as a multimeter to measure the current and voltage of a dying battery. This lets you know whether the battery can be fixed or not.

Batteries for powering equipment, vehicles, and other electronic devices can be refurbished to last longer, according to the EZ Battery Reconditioning course. If you want to keep your gadgets running and prevent landfill by battery pollution, we highly recommend that you try this online program. The objective of the course is to help users make significant savings by prolonging their batteries’ lifespan.

The program claims to double the lifespan of any battery. It is safe for the environment as it keeps off unwanted elements of discarded batteries from reaching the land. It is a perfect way to put to good use neglected marine batteries, laptops, golf carts, and cellphone batteries. You can always visit the official website to see the current offer.

How Will You Benefit From This Course?
In simple terms, the EZ Battery Reconditioning course is all about extending the battery life. This means you don’t have to purchase a new one each month. The information has been derived from the personal experiences of the creators- Tom and Frank. It is not only learnable but practical as well. These two gentlemen were motivated by the amount of money that can be saved in the long run by refurbishing dead batteries. Every year, you probably dispose of eight batteries or more and spend more money on new ones. As if that’s not enough, you cause irreversible damage to the surroundings by tossing lead and other chemicals that make up a battery.

Fortunately, you can adopt an eco-friendly approach for discarding dead batteries. The EZ Battery Reconditioning eBook by Tom and Frank is extremely useful to low-income earners and budget shoppers. It can significantly reduce your monthly expenses for running electronic gadgets and automotive. You will be at an advantage if you are an environmentally conscious citizen. You will also open financial benefits if you hate the hassle of replacing batteries periodically.

In summary, the program fulfills its promises with the following advantages:
• Detailed guidelines on battery reconditioning
• Straightforward instructions
• Multiple reconditioning techniques for different batteries
• Information on using batteries the appropriate way
• Money-saving tips for restoring dead and wasted batteries
• Invaluable knowledge on how to measure a battery lifespan and power

How much Does the EZ Battery Reconditioning eBook Cost?
At the point of writing this EZ Battery Reconditioning review, the price stands at $47. Note that this is a one-time fee. As soon as you place the order and checkout, you will see a button for downloading the eBook from the official site. There is no need to wait for the delivery of a hardcopy at your doorstep. It comes in PDF format so you can download it on your mobile device or computer. After purchasing, you instantly get lifetime access to Tom Ericson’s program. There are also a few bonuses you should take advantage of. Hurry and take the discounted $47 price. The seller also provides a full 2-month money-back guarantee as a goodwill gesture. So, if you feel dissatisfied with outcomes even after following the instructions in the guidebook, you can contact Tom for a full refund. No questions will be asked hence assuring you a risk-free purchase.

Why not go for Tom and Frank’s course when you can get your cash back if you don’t like it? Think about it- you save lots of money on all your batteries. Remember that electric cars are probably going on the rise. But if you could find a way to reuse old batteries, you will be on the safe side- both economically and environmentally.

• The program is user-friendly with step-by-step guidelines, diagrams, graphs, and images
• No technical jargons used and no prior knowledge of batteries needed
• There is a complete refund guarantee hence no risk
• Saves huge sums of money that would otherwise be used on purchasing new batteries
• Supports environmental conservation

• No hardcopy sold
• A few safety risks are involved when dealing with defective batteries so precautions are paramount
• No video format

What Are Users Saying about it?
From the video on the official site, Tom Ericson claims that over 19,000 people across the globe have purchased the program. What’s more, the program ranks high on the Clickbank marketplace. Clickbank ranking is based on many factors including popularity, customer satisfaction, number of copies sold, and cases of refund. The program has a gravity score of over 190 which represents good quality. This is enough proof that the eBook has helped a multitude of users save money every year by extending battery life.

Along with that, an impressive number of customers have submitted their testimonials through videos and articles on how they managed to revive batteries that had been neglected for years. We cannot ignore these testimonies given that most users had no prior electrical engineering knowledge. The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program therefore comes highly recommended, scoring a 5-star rating. The result is saving both budgets and the environment.

Is the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Worth It?
Batteries are essential accessories for almost every electronic item from cell phones, UPSes, and cars. But one of their biggest drawbacks is a limited lifespan. And so people are forced to replace them often. The cost required to get a new battery can be agonizing. It could mean hundreds of dollars every year. Some car batteries cost as much as three figures. Why not save on your monthly budget using a simple program?

The good news is that this EZ Battery Reconditioning review has come to open your eyes. You could save a lot of cash by following a simple procedure to give your battery a long life. Imagine using simple tools and only a few minutes to revive an old battery you already possess. From the online reviews, we conclude that the program is not a scam. And we give it a 5/5 rating based on the features, pricing, and user reviews. Anyone who wants to cut costs running battery-operated devices will find this eBook invaluable.

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