Cinderella Solution Review – Scam or Worth it?

Cinderella Solution Review – Does it the course really work? Or is it a scam? Find out today in this comprehensive review.

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that’s attracting a lot of attention because it promises fairy-tale results. Unfortunately, most diet programs rely on some amazing fat-burning food or supplement or require dieters to measure and track every bit of food. The Cinderella Solution offers different results, and we decided to test those conclusions in a comprehensive Cinderella Solution review.

Most women find that, as they age, slender and toned bodies gradually begin to gain weight. The once-athletic body is often compromised by weight gain and sedentary work habits. The more troubled you get over the situation, the more likely you’ll overeat as a coping mechanism. The Cinderella Solution program has been a popular choice among dieters, and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Getting with the Program

The program promises healthy, natural weight loss by regulating women’s hormones to avoid imbalances that slow the metabolic rate. Designed for women, the program doesn require any drugs that might generate side effects. The only stated requirement is that women choose the program because they want to lose weight or get in better shape.

Many women are completely fed up with drugs and supplements that cause side effects, impossible-to-do exercises, stomach cleanses and reliance on some kind of little-known “super” food. You can lose weight, the program’s marketing suggests, without any of these things.

Learning How to Maintain Your Desired Weight

It’s really more an issue of weight maintenance with most dieters who manage to lose weight with fad diets but can’t maintain the weight loss. When you’re excited about losing weight, you take off some pounds, but everyday living wins out in the end by putting on the lost weight. Most women have trouble losing weight and keeping it off because of hormonal imbalances that slow metabolic processes.

The Cinderella Solution was designed after conducting extensive research into natural ways to regulate the hormones, such as estrogen, cortisol and insulin to reduce fat and maximize weight loss. The program promises to help you lose maximum weight in minimum time, and most importantly, keep the weight off for good.

How The Program Works

The program was designed by Cary Donovan, a woman who suffered obesity and became committed to helping others dealing with the challenges of weight loss. While researching solutions, she found that women in Spain, Japan and China seldom suffered from obesity at the level that women in other countries experienced.

The weight loss program promises to help women lose significant weight in just 28 days. Similar programs require rigorous exercise and strict dieting, but the Cinderella Solution has less strenuous requirements. There are two phases of the program: the ignite stage and the launch stage. Each stage lasts for 14 days, and the program does require eating certain foods to stimulate hormone production and biochemical processes that help to reduce fat.

It’s critical for newcomers to the program to understand what’s going on, how weight loss works and how to get started. The cost of the program is minimal — only $37, and once you sign up, you get immediate access to the proprietary secrets of the program and free informational downloads that explain weight loss and effective weight loss rituals, such as:

• Flavor pairing
• Food coupling
• Slim-sequencing exercise
• Nutrition timing

The program comes with different packages, which offer customized benefits to each customer. The manual is divided into four main sections that include:

• Part 1: This section explains the program and how it can benefit you.
• Part 2: How to use your “Daily Nutrition Blueprint” book
• Part 3: Using movement sequencing to jumpstart weight loss by triggering an increase in your metabolic rate.
• Part 4: This section cover the top 10 flavor pairings that help to balance hormone production and avoid wide hormonal swings.

The program also includes the following:

• Quick Start Guide: You can avoid the process of learning about hormones and nutrition by immediately accessing this guide.

• Movement Sequencing Guide: This section explains the recommended exercises and workouts. These are highly recommended, but they are not required.

• Bonus Daily Nutritional Blueprint: This section covers the entire process founder Cary Donavan used to lose an astonishing 84 pounds.

• Cinderella University Book: This educational book covers the main issues that cause weight gain or loss for women.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose except excess weight.

Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

You can continue cycling the ignite and launch phases until you meet your weight-loss goal, and cycle periodically to maintain your preferred weight. In many cases, that won’t even be necessary because your metabolic rate will naturally increase to burn more calories.

The Ignite Phase

The first phase of the cycle is the ignite phase, which lasts 14 days. During that time, you renew and expand your knowledge about nutritional food choices. A list of personalized meal plans is offered to customers, which are designed to stabilize hormones and their functions and trigger weight loss by increasing metabolism. The program works without special supplements, fad foods from Africa or any kind of medicines, drugs or appetite suppressants.

The Launch Phase

During this phase of the program, you receive daily meal plans and an array of different food pairings that help to stabilize your hormonal production. The program recommends eating four meals each day in the suggested pairings. The foods are chosen for their ability to trigger fat burning and boost the body’s immune system. That results in maximum boosts to your metabolic rate and natural weight loss. Examples of food pairings include:

• Garlic and fish
• Chocolate and apples
• Mint and green tea
• Sweet potatoes and Greek yogurt
• Ricotta and barnins

The Manual Provides Vital Information

The Cinderella Solutions manual provides complete information on food research and helpful weight-loss tools, such as calendars, daily meal planners and bonus recipes that are fun to try. You’ll learn how to pair foods to get the ideal balance of protein, fats and carbs. There’s also critical information about meal timing and frequency and portion options. You’re never stuck with just one approach but have some discretion based on your food preferences.

Conclusions of Our Review

We found that the program worked as advertised for dealing with weight gain caused by hormonal imbalances in women. The program is designed exclusively for women because it targets their hormone production to stimulate the metabolism. Women actually learn about responsible weight loss based on sensible eating and the proper pairing of foods.

Those can vary among women, and the program adequately addresses different body types and exercise levels for effective weight loss, based on the typical hormonal changes that women experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We agree that most weight-loss programs aren’t gender-specific and find the Cinderella Solution a fair and balanced weight-loss program for women. As the program explains, women gain weight between puberty and menopause as the result of dynamic hormonal changes that generate a slowdown in the metabolic rate.

Dozens of testimonials attest to the effectiveness of the program for women from all walks of life — from professional homemakers to top executives. Although we were skeptical about the 28-day results, we found that hundreds of women lost an extraordinary amount of weight, and others had more modest weight losses.

The program is well organized into a two-step nutritional approach and a three-step program of information. The first part of the program explains the program overall. The second step focuses on the nutritional aspect of foods and their ability to stimulate and balance the hormones. The third part covers the variety of slimming exercises women can use to accelerate weight loss.

We found that the exercises were valid but not too strenuous for most dieters. Cary Donavan takes a painstaking approach when explaining the facts about hormonal transition and how to counteract the effects with proper nutrition pairings and exercise.

The Pros and Cons of the Cinderella Solution

Like any weight loss program, there are significant pros and cons. The pros of the Cinderella Solution include:

• Easy workouts designed for women who aren’t physically active
• Low-intensity exercises that help to regulate hormones that anyone can do at her own pace
• Money-back guarantee for a full 60 days
• Detailed information on hormonal imbalance and its effect of triggering weight gain
• Program that’s specially designed for women
• No strict deprivation of food
• Provides value for the money, requiring only $37
• Program that helps you lose weight permanently
• Excellent customer service, personalized eating plans and tips and tricks for losing weight\
• Daily meal plans
• Bonus recipes
• Multiple programs that are accessible online and can be downloaded
• Deals with multiple women-related issues

The cons of the program include:

• Not suitable for anyone, such as men and children
• Requires a level of commitment for success
• 98-page manual that can intimidate
• Program only available online

Our Verdict on the Cinderella Solution Review

We applaud the Cinderella Solution for its approach that educates women and about food nutrition and hormone transitions that trigger weight gain. The all-natural approach is healthy and sustainable for women from the age of puberty until menopause. We’ve always supported programs that take metabolism into account because we believe that slow metabolic rates are the biggest cause of weight gain.

Women going through hormonal transitions effectively disrupt their metabolism, which has everything to do with gaining weight. The Cinderella Solution addresses these issues directly, which is why we award it 5 out of 5 stars, our highest rating. If weight is an issue, we heartily recommend this course unreservedly.

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