Back to Life 3 Level Healthy Back System Review

Do you face problems with the simplest daily activities such as standing or sitting? Nothing seems to curb the constant and acute pain in your back despite regular consultations with the doctor, eating pain killers, and applying anti-pain balm on your back. As pain is a minor problem in life, you must have believed that you would get relief soon, but that was not to be. After trying everything to alleviate the pain you must be desperate for something that works. You are not the sole person facing such problems. Nearly 70% of people suffer from back pain while going through the motions of life. Physical pains apart, such a dilemma ruins your relationship and your life. You lose control of life’s daily motions. Neither medicines nor messages seem to work. Does this mean you have to stay with the persisting back pain for the remainder of your life? You need not worry as I shall soon be disclosing about a program that will help you get rid of pain permanently with a series of very relative movements. This program is the only sure shot solution that promises hip pain relief, sciatica, and back pain relief, as you will find out in this back to life system review. However, to give this system a credibility rating we must first understand how it works together with all the scientific basis behind it.

What is this system all about?
If you are suffering from persistent back pain from a tender age, you would expect it to remain forever. However, this is not entirely true. It is the biggest myth of human biology. This system does away with conventional treatment methods such as medications, injections, massages, and surgery. These procedures only provide you with temporary relief. No doubt, surgery works. However, you have to pay a high price for it. Also, surgery is associated with side effects that increase as you grow older. This system, based on scientific reasoning, provides you with permanent relief without any side effects whatsoever. Instead of curing what is on the surface, it targets the core problem causing the pain. The best part of the program is that you need to follow it only ten minutes per day to go through the entire routing and achieve positive results. I know you might not believe it and I have no reason to blame you. I too was skeptical when I first tried the course. Today, I am relieved of back pain that had nearly ruined my life.

Details of the program
The system consists of a series of stretches that are gentle to your back. Each of the stretches consists of a therapy, which restores the liveliness of your back and releases you from the shackles of pain. Compared to the cost of massaging and medications, this program appears to be a minuscule investment. The physical therapy this program offers will change your life for the better. Remember, anyone and everyone can be aggrieved by back pain. The pain occurs due to three mistakes that we make in life without being aware of it. These three mistakes cause trauma and stress to our back. The worst part is that we keep on making these mistakes repeatedly. The stress caused therein without fail locks us inside a sore and internally injured with no scope of recovery. You might be thinking whether a sequence of simple stretches solves the excruciating lifelong pain?

What you will learn
Yes! The precise sequence of movements and stretches provided in the program works by unlocking a group of muscles. For the uninitiated, the muscles of the back are not always the cause of back pain. On the contrary, the core muscles of the human body, when subjected to silent and consistent stress cause problems such as sciatica, back pain, as well as soreness in your shoulder and neck joints. The sequence of stretches in the program target the precise region of your body to help lessen the ailment. The author of the program educates us about the reasons why the majority of us face back pain. By the way, the problems are due to our modern-day lifestyle. The static sitting during the six-hour-long classes you attend or sitting in front of the computer in the office for an extended duration plays havoc with your core muscles. It is the same when you stand for countless hours in a line to purchase a rare offer at the superstore is also to blame. Every tiny integration of our modern lifestyle causes repetitive trauma, which then leads to the crossed syndrome. So, what exactly are these two terms? I am sure you have never heard about them before.

Repetitive trauma — the first evil that leads to back pain
Acute muscle strain is a medical term for specific injuries, which are sudden or cause jerky impacts on our muscles. A prime example is activities such as heavy weightlifting that puts excessive strain on our spinal cord. Chronic and acute muscle strain is the subject of this program. We unknowingly perform activities, which can cause either or both types of back pain. Repetitive trauma to our muscles and spines is caused by the continued repetition of the same activities daily. It then leads to a condition known as a crossed syndrome.

Crossed syndrome — the hidden and silent cause behind back pain
In short terms, the crossed syndrome occurs due to structural imbalances in our muscles. The muscular inconsistencies take place when we move our bodies in a specific manner. It results in a shift, which can lengthen or shorten specific muscles in relation to other tissues. Our pelvis is pulled because of the imbalance, which causes a prominent tilt, affecting our spine’s lower regions. People suffering from back pain believe that it is caused due to disparity in the back muscles. The reality is that back pain is often caused by core muscles. This condition pulls your ribcage, hip, and belly down, all of which combined cause back pain. The author also stresses that decreased serotonin secretion in your body is also due to lower back pain.

In case you did not know, serotonin is a hormone that keeps you under optimal motivation and mood. However, you experience more moodiness than ever due to decreased secretion of serotonin. You face sleeping problems and your life falls apart. Your relationships go down the drain too and you start feeling depressed because of the pain and the loneliness. To sum it up, back pain is caused by a cascade of multiple problems, both social and biological. However, what can you do to eliminate your suffering? From my assessment, this program is the one-stop solution to your ever-present back pain.

What are the three mistakes?
The primary mistake is stretching the wrong muscle or the wrong group of muscles. We often believe that we can get rid of the pain by moving or stretching a specific region that is aching to solve the problem. What we do not realize is that the pain might be a referred ache from a different region of your body. You might not believe it but the pain in your lower back might be due to factors, totally unrelated to your back. Referred pain is a condition wherein the issue is a part of the body is felt in a completely different part.

The secondary mistake is trying to strengthen your back muscles to combat lower back pain. As mentioned before, the pain is caused by your body’s core muscles. Therefore, routine stretching targets the actual problem… the ignored core to eliminate your body from the chains of back pain.

The tertiary mistake is resting your back improperly. One of the commonest causes of back pain is static posture. Thanks to our modern-day lifestyle, we are forced to remain in the same and improper posture for many hours without a break. Lying, standing, or even sitting for an extended period can lead to stiffness of the muscles and joints in different parts of the body. Proper stretching exercises, as shown in the program can help you get rid of all such pains.

About the author
Emily Stark, the author of the course was involved in a life-shattering vehicle accident. She heard the cries of her little girl when she regained consciousness. She soon realized that she could not move her legs. She had a painful back, but a ride on the treadmill provided her with a soothing sensation. It did not take her long to realize that exercise was her most powerful ally. It was not long before the pain returned to haunt her. After years of trial and error, she discovered to correct sequence of stretching and exercises that made her back pain go away forever. She made a series of videos containing the exercises that helped her eliminate the pain. The video and the .PDF versions of her guide normally cost $99.95 each but are being currently offered at a discounted price of $37 each.

My views and that of others
I was suffering from lower back pain for several years. I tried several therapies without success till I chanced upon this guide. I am pleased to say that my pain has disappeared magically. I give this course a 5-star ranking and strongly recommend it for those suffering from chronic back pain. Buy this guide today, follow its instructions, and say goodbye to back pain forever. This concludes my back to life system review.

What others are saying:
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